Come as you are and be open to change

Next Gen is open to all trainees/ new GPs regardless of previous leadership experience.
Leave differences in seniority at the door; come with an open mind to learn and have your perspectives challenged.

A community to grow with, but the journey is yours

The Next Gen network can be an invaluable leadership community. The more you take ownership and engage with other members, the more you will get out of it.
But remember that everyone’s leadership journey is unique to their own stage and experiences.

Listen with openess, examine with curiosity

Our events are designed to create a supportive atmosphere in which to ask questions, challenge, and share experiences.
This is a golden opportunity to learn from our speakers- so be bold, take risks, and don’t leave the room with unanswered questions!

Learning through stories, not teaching through theories

Next Gen aims to be a catalyst for your leadership journey through hearing stories of inspiring leaders. It is not a theoretical teaching programme, and much of the learning will come from your reflections, interpretation and experimentation sparked by the events.

Beyond positions and process to people and possibilities

There is no one way to ‘do’ leadership. Beyond specific job titles and career steps, listen to the common themes and values that emerge to apply in your own sphere of influence

To pay it back, pay it forwards

The generosity of our speakers in sharing their time and personal stories is a privilege. Look for opportunities to pay that investment forwards to others- it’s a true mark of leadership, and it’s never too early to start.