This is Going to Hurt

by Adam Kay

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‘This is Going to Hurt’ is a truly hilarious read that I would recommend to all.

For non medics, it gives a glimpse into the true reality of our profession and, for us medics, it gives a realistic narrative of the highs and lows of our profession.

Adam Kay takes the reader on an insightful journey of what our profession entails; he eloquently describes the rollercoaster of emotions we can encounter on a day to day if not minute to minute basis; the complexity of the decisions we make and the true joy that being a doctor can bring. Kay also maturely describes the pain and vulnerability that we doctors can feel when clinical situations go badly.

This book is relatable to all medics on so many levels as we can all align our own experiences with those that Kay so hilariously describes.

An excellent read and hard to put down.

Ami Mukherjee, Next Gen GP London