by Michelle Obama

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So it turns out there’s a reason why this is the best selling book of 2018 despite only being released last month, and that is that it’s awesome!

Obama has a way of writing that makes her message clear, insightful and life-affirming all at once. I love the tripartite way in which she sections the book so that you understand how she first became who she is, then a wife and now a public figure. Like her husband in ‘Dreams of my father’ which I’ve also read, she is able to cogently explain how race and gender colours every action, so that she felt she was held to a different (higher) standard.

​For anyone who has ever wondered if s/he is enough – read this.

Parting fact: Michelle has now been voted the most admired woman in the world (yet still manages to suffer from imposter syndrome)!

Devon Kennard, Next Gen GP London


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